COURSES : B.TECH: CSE-120 ECE-120 CIV-120 MECH-120   FEE : B.TECH -64000/- M.TECH: CSE-24, VLSI & ES - 24,   FEE : M.TECH -57000/-


A.V.N.Reddy, M.SC

A Post-Graduate in chemistry, he is regarded as a person for having the vision to ignite the innate talent, creativity, innovativeness of the students to produce future leaders for societal development. He is the person who brought revolutionary changes in the High School education and successfully approaching towards an evolving trend in providing high quality technical education.

He is a man of great sagacity and immense experience, always guiding the staff members, on all statutory and professional obligations, to transform the institute into a fountain of academic excellence. He is a true Philanthropist, Doyen in educational field and an embodiment of passion applying engineering solutions in global and societal contexts. He reached his aim with sheer grit and hard work, encircling 12000 students and 850 teachers in all the 5 branches of Dilsukhnagar Public Schools combined.

A.Naveen Reddy, MBA

Elder son of Chairman A.V.N.Reddy, he reflects his father's vision, values and has always succeeded in providing then with his share of thoughts and steered in his own style.

He is completely driven with the management skills and had led to the growth of the institutions for a higher level of posterity.

A.Pavan Reddy, B.E., M.Sc. (UK)

Younger son of Chairman A.V.N.Reddy, he utilizes his international exposure in providing the institutions with a global outlook.

He provides an international interface he had developed over the years using his creative abilities and versatility.

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