COURSES : B.TECH: CSE-120 ECE-120 CIV-120 MECH-120   FEE : B.TECH -64000/- M.TECH: CSE-24, VLSI & ES - 24,   FEE : M.TECH -57000/-


“H and S” - “The beginning and the end reach out their hands to each other”.

The young budding undergraduates enter into professional degree with mixed emotions in the hope of getting acquainted with the new environment. It’s here that ‘H and S’ department takes them into the fold with a warm welcome assuring them of solace and support clubbed with the knowledge of core subjects such as Mathematics-I, Mathematics-II, Probability and Statistics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and English which act as a catalyst in shaping them to face the world and meet the global challenges assertively.

The department of Humanities and Sciences shoulders the responsibility of moulding the Freshmen in all aspects - academics, literary, cultural, arts, sports and above all discipline. This department is headed by Dr.D.Srinivas Reddy , Professor in Physics, a maverick supported by highly qualified experienced faculty who initiate the freshmen in laboratories and workshops with their indomitable spirit and expertise. They not only encourage the spirit of experimentation but also ensure that the younger students sharpen their thought process and application skills. Eventually the students practice more in the labs and workshops of Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Drawing. IT workshops, Computer Labs and English Communication Skills Lab.


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